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Joint Statement on Digital Umbrella shimAdd News55 to Scrapbook
As from the Monday 21st February 2011, High Peak CVS have transferred Digital Umbrella web design and hosting operations to the well established Sheffield based ICT Social Enterprise ESP Projects Ltd. We are pleased that Digital Umbrella services will continue in this challenging climate and we wish to reassure customers that you will receive an excellent standard of care from ESP and your experience of your website will remain the same. Indeed we are pleased that one of our developers, Andy Irvine has been taken on by ESP. There will only be changes if you do not currently pay any hosting fees or if you actively choose to relocate your website elsewhere.
ESP Projects

The transfer includes Digital Umbrella’s I-CMS system, Intellectual Property Rights and customer base. ESP has a proven track record around ICT support and web development including the contract with NAVCA and over 200 other third sector organisations. High Peak CVS wishes to thank all our Digital Umbrella customers during our seven years of operations and wishes you all the best for the future. ESP Projects in turn extends a warm welcome and is looking forward to working with you all in the near future. ESP will be in touch with all Digital Umbrella customers in the forthcoming weeks. In the meantime you can contact ESP on 0845 4657229 or by emailing | |
Kevin Skingsley
Chief Executive
High Peak CVS
Morgan Killick
Managing Director
ESP Projects Ltd
New Sites Launched shimAdd News51 to Scrapbook
Recently we've launched two new sites for our clients: Cumbria CVS and Partners in Practice.

The Cumbria CVS website replaces their old website and allows the staff to update any pages on the site at any time. Many of our modules were included on the website, including News and Events, Vacancies, and Documents Repository.

An added feature of the site is a fully customised Members Directory that the CVS staff can update with their own offline Database at any time, ensuring the information is always up to date.

Why not visit their website today?
Cumbria CVS
Partners in Practice
Partners in Practice is a "gateway to East Cheshire’s voluntary sector health and social care providers". It features a completely customised directory of providers that are organised by their own ambitions and aims, colour coded for ease of access. Large colourful buttons on the home page help you to find exactly what you're looking for!

The website was made in conjunction with CVS Cheshire East, NeuroMuscular Centre, and the Central and Eastern Cheshire NHS, and was launched alongside a hard copy that is also available.

If you're in the Cheshire area and need to find a VCS provider, search the website now.
Digital Umbrella is now on Twitter shimAdd News41 to Scrapbook
Digital Umbrella has now joined the Social Networking sensation Twitter!

We will keep it updated with the latest news from Digital Umbrella, including new sites that we've made and new features that we have developed.

If you have a Twitter account, this is an excellent way for you to keep up to date with our developments!

Do you want a website that can post it's articles to Twitter and other Social Networking websites? Please do get in touch!

New Digital Umbrella Merchandise shimAdd News39 to Scrapbook
Digital Umbrella would like to present their new merchandise! Each client we deal with also receives a courtesy pen from us. They have foam grips and are really comfortable in the hand. We use them all the time in the office.

Contact us now for a no obligation quote for a new website today!
Calendar Competition Winner #2 shimAdd News38 to Scrapbook
See the second entry that won our Calendar Competition!

"I am Louise. I am the other winner of the calendar competition. I used coloured pencils and glitter gel pens!"

Calendar Competition Winner #1 shimAdd News36 to Scrapbook
The results are in! Here's the first of two entries that won our Calendar Competition!

"I am called Christine. I was one of the winners of the calendar Competition. I used pencil crayons and gel pens to do my competition entry."

Christine's Entry

Homelessness Charity Launches New Brand and Website Care of Digital Umbrella shimAdd News34 to Scrapbook

Threshold, the Oldham based homelessness charity, launched their new logo, branding and website today at a packed AGM - with all of the work being carried out by Digital Umbrella.

Digital Umbrella was initially selected by Threshold back in the summer to design their new website. It became apparent to the organisation that the new website was also an opportunity for the organisation to re-brand, and subsequently over the last six months

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Digital Umbrella has worked closely with Threshold, providing a valuable service: designing the new logo and brand, promotional items including folder, pop-up banners, A1 posters and a range of information leaflets.

These were all revealed to service users and stakeholders by Threshold at their AGM earlier today, and very well received. More information about the organisation’s website requirements, and how we met them, can be found in the presentation here.

Some of the promotional items:

Digital Umbrella Sign up to CircuitRider Principles shimAdd News33 to Scrapbook

Principles of CircuitRiders have been published, and Digital Umbrella is proud to be able to sign up to them.

Circuit Riders, e-Riders and other IT professionals working with charities, non-profits and other VCS organisations have for some years acknowledged that there has not been a single statement of the principles by which they work. The idea of having these has been discussed at various conferences and meetings in the UK, US and internationally but without an overall agreement. Until now. A set of principles of CircuitRiding has now been published, and Digital Umbrella is pleased to sign up to these.

The principles complement the social objectives and ethos in the way that Digital Umbrella operates.

The principles can be found here.